Discover The ALKALINE METHOD™  Transformation  to Achieve the Life and Health of your Dreams.   All You need is a way to use your Brain for Mind-Body Mastery  to Lose Weight, Improve Relationships, Health, and Wealth.

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Depression

  • Uninspired/Motivated

  • Anxiety/Fear

  • Difficulty Losing Weight

  • Generally not feeling good

  • Weight gain/loss

  • Self Confidence

  • Abuse/Neglectful Relationships

  • Difficulty Managing Money

  • Difficulty with Health goals

  • Emotional Instability

You are not alone.  


If you’re tired of feeling hopeless in your life


If you want to make drastic changes so you can be happy and content with yourself and your life, you'll need tools and techniques to understand your brain....


You need a way to use your brain so that you can access motivation and inspiration to focus on your goals.  


This is available for you but you just don't know how to access it.  

ALKALINE METHOD™ Transformation is what you need

Dr. Connie has an uncanny ability to "read" my struggles and get right to the point.  She is fearless in making sure I understand my own brain "programming" that's kept me spinning all my life.   I now have a voice to speak my mind, have clear boudaries with people, have a successful career, and am losing the weight once and for all.  This is truly life changing.  

Julie C.

My name is Dr. Connie Jeon, and as a Doctor of Physical Therapy who’s Board Certified in Functional Medicine, a Registered and Licensed Dietician, a Double Certified National Pilates Instructor and a Nationally Registered Yoga Practitioner, I’ve not only helped hundreds of women regain their health... 


...but I’ve personally overcome a life-threatening autoimmune disease in my own life (Lupus).  

As an ambitious young woman with overachiever syndrome I used to struggle with: 

  • Self loathing
  • Limiting beliefs that kept me from achieving my goals
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Difficulty setting boundaries with others
  • People pleasing tendencies
  • Perfectionism
  • Self judgement
  • Overdoing


And a host of other personal issues that kept me spinning in my life.........

I had a struggling marriage, conflicted relationships with my parents and siblings, felt like a terrible mom but no one knew just how much I was struggling.


I played my "role" in life as a successful entrepreneur who had it all until I almost died from a health crisis…

I was neglecting myself and lived a life fulfilling other people's expectations of me.  

After coming face to face with death 3 times I knew I had to make some drastic changes or I wasn't going to make it.

So I began my self healing journey.  But I realized that everything that I learned in Psychology, Nutrition, and Physical Medicine only provided theoretical concepts.


What I needed was a way to save myself from "myself".  I realized the results of my life was self inflicted and I made a CHOICE to COMMIT to self love.  


...This is the work I want to share to help you.   I put together a 12 month curriculum that not only saved my life…


... but provided me with self regard, self respect, and self love which allowed me to create better relationships with my Health, Wealth, and Others.


I truly believe that my Autoimmunity and the struggles in my life was perpetuated by my internal conflict.  


Today all my symptoms are completely gone and I feel far better than I did before I first became ill.

My whole life has changed completely. 

Before finding Dr. Connie I went from specialist to specialist and could never get any clear answers about my mysterious symptoms and health issues. I struggled with high blood pressure and anxiety just to name a few. After doing Dr. Connie's program, everything changed tremendously. My blood pressure has normalized, I feel more calm, and I was able to get off my medications. Dr. Connie and her team helped me every step of the way. My doctors always told me what I had was incurable, but Dr. Connie has given me hope that I don't have to live this way forever.


I now dedicate my life to helping people just like you find their own self healing journey to finally find inner peace to create outer balance.


...but I know I can't possibly help them all alone... 


Which is why I decided to create “ALKALINE METHOD ™ TRANSFORMATION” (AMT). 


It’s a specialized, 12 month program designed to help anyone cultivate mind body mastery, self mastery, health mastery and life mastery.


It's a Transformational Coaching Method that takes you by the hand and helps you to understand yourself in ways you've never been able to before.  It clarifies your thoughts, feelings, actions, and the results in your life.  


It teaches you how to:


  • Use your brain to ease anxiety, stress, and worry
  • Metabolize - Detoxify - Eliminate emotions and create more energy
  • Learn to have the most amazing Relationships with yourself, health, wealth, and others
  • Learn the revolutionary Productivity Method which will help you to Get More Done by learning to manage your feelings

From Divorce, Single Parenting, and Overcoming Life Threatening Disease, I "know" the struggles of a human life.  We need much more than a pill for every ill approach, we need a way to manage our monkey minds.  

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I was always "obese" all my life.  When I came to Dr. Connie, I thought I was getting a "diet" to follow.  But she taught me that my own "conditioned beliefs" about my "identity" was sabotaging my efforts to lose weight.  I went from YoYo dieting all my life to losing 20 lbs and counting simply by reprogramming my brain to believe I can.  The best part is that I am keeping it off. 


It was a process but the journey is so worth it.  I was able to get off my anxiety medications, thyroid medications, and cholesterol meds and happy to say that I am in the best health of my life today.  I feel younger today in my 50's than I felt in my 30's.  


This program is much more than just a "health" program.  It'll change the way you look at yourself, your relationships, your health, and your wealth.  

Ann C

Module 1

Clarity and Vision: The Alkaline Method Model

Most of us don’t know exactly what it is we’re working towards. This is because we don’t know our “identity”. We have spent our lives playing a “role” of who we believe we are based on external validation that we seek. We must get clear about who we are and what we want to accomplish in our lives to have a clear vision for our future.

Module 2

Subconscious Identity


The hardwired programming in our brains is often what drives our lives. And this is a blind spot for most of us. We must uncover our subconscious identity and create a new ideal identity in order to reprogram our hardwired limiting beliefs, and create new beliefs that better serve us.

Module 3

Subconscious Values


Our core values need to be clear and center in driving our lives. Too often we’re not properly aligned with our core values simply because we don’t know what they are. It’s time to discover what your core values are so that you can live your destiny.

Module 4

Subconscious Reprogramming

In order for us to get rid of old limiting beliefs and identities, we must move toward reprogramming our hardwired beliefs that tend to keep us stuck. To create our best lives, we must learn to reprogram our beliefs toward the direction we want to go.

Module 5


We are the product of our habits. Because habits are automated in our lives, they tend to play a key role in derailing our efforts to make changes. Key is to change our habits - stop living in the habit of being your old self.

Module 6


Whether we are committed to binging Netflix or achieving our dreams, we’re committed to something. Getting honest about what you’re committed to allows you to move forward to clarify and focus on what you want to be committed to. Choose to live a committed life.

Module 7

Proactive Vs Reactive

Most of us live reactive lives based on our external circumstances. This is a victim mindset. We must choose to live proactive lives and be the victors of our lives so that we can create the life and health of our dreams, because it is available to all of us.

Module 8

Self Integrity

We tend to keep promises to everybody else, but break promises to our own selves. This stems from self loathing, self disregard, and self disrespect. Learning to be self integral is key in achieving the ultimate transformation you seek.

Module 9


Your life and the outcomes of your life is the result of the decisions that you make. We make decisions every single day in every facet of our lives. Making informed decisions that move us toward our goals is essential to paving our path towards success.

Module 10

Mastering Relationships: Health, Wealth, and People

The most important relationship we need to focus on is our relationship with ourselves. When we learn to cultivate self love, self respect, and self regard, then and only then can we move towards creating better relationships with others, with our health, and with wealth. Let’s cultivate the best relationship with ourselves.

Module 11

Emotional Maturity


Many of us live at the mercy of our feelings. We don’t realize that the precursor to our feelings is our thoughts. And the worst thing that can happen to us is negative feelings. When you achieve emotional maturity, you’ll be able to have dominion over your thoughts and feelings, therefore mastering your mind, body, health, and life.

Module 12

Live Your Purpose


Stop being stuck living a life validating the world. Go deep within yourself and get anchored to know what’s important to you, and align yourself by living a life true to your core values. Begin to find true meaning and purpose in your life. 

Here's what you'll get:

Direct Access to Me

You'll have direct access to me during our weekly group coaching calls where I’ll hold live  seminars regarding our weekly topic. During this time I’ll also be available to answer all your questions live.  Each session is recorded and uploaded to your member portal.

24/7 Access to the Membership Portal

You'll be provided with monthly modules, video lessons, trainings, and assignments based on each month's topic. The content will be released to you on a weekly basis so you can stay on track.

Weekly Yoga and Guided Meditation

You'll receive weekly Yoga and Guided Meditation videos to include in your daily regimen so you can experience a full transformation - body, mind, and soul.

The Alkaline Method™ Transformation Community

AMT provides access to a community of like-minded individuals committed to creating their ideal lives - lives full of purpose. Together this tight-knit community will support you on your transformative journey, celebrate your wins and be there for you when you need help. And of course I’ll be right there with you every minute, guiding you along every step of the way.

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12 Month Coaching Program

$249/month for 12 months

Access to the Membership Portal with weekly training videos, downloads, assignments, and more
​​Weekly Group Coaching with Dr. Connie to help you start incorporating what you learn right away and answer any questions you have

Weekly Yoga and Guided Meditation to enhance your coaching assignments for a full transformation

Private Facebook Community where you can connect with others who are on a similar path. This is also where Dr. Connie shows up live to answer your questions in real time

Support and Accountability from our Alkaline Method™ team to keep you on track, focused, and motivated throughout your time in the program

Principled Approach for long term transformation from the inside-out, rather than short term "tactics"


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